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Audio and Music Productions Pathway

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Florin High School’s Audio and Music Productions Program will prepare students for a wide range of audio engineering jobs within the professional audio industry, providing curriculum that nurtures a parallel progression of skills and knowledge. On the one hand, each student will be familiarized with numerous aspects of professional audio technology, including audio engineering, live sound reinforcement, studio recording techniques, digital music production, film scoring, podcasting, voiceovers, and sound design. On the other hand, while grappling with modern industry-standard software and hardware, students will also learn basic music theory, musicianship, songwriting, and live electronic performance techniques with the cutting edge digital audio workstation software, Ableton Live. Courses will include Music and Audio Technology and Advanced Music and Audio Technology. Students in this program are also provided professional learning opportunities related to the professional audio industry with our partners at Living Sound and UC Davis.
Phone: (916) 689-8600