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Florin High School’s Law and the World (LAW) Academy is one of only six programs throughout California to be designated as an official partner of the California State Bar Association. The mission of the program is to increase diversity in the legal profession by connecting students with the skills and opportunities to be competitive in the job market while acting as advocates for their communities. The LAW Academy, with its local government and business partners, provides students with career-centered technical curriculum coupled with rigorous academic instruction within a context that is relevant both to the students’ future career aspirations as well as their roles as citizens in the twenty first century global society.
The LAW Academy offers a three-year course of study that combines core "a-g" academic courses with an emphasis on legal, and criminal justice curricula, as well as opportunities to explore a variety of legal professions.
Students enrolled in this academy must complete a sequence of Career Technical Education courses as well as their core academic courses (e.g., English, mathematics, science, social science, etc.) as one cohort.


9th Grade: You and the Law

10th Grade: Business Law
11th Grade: Legal Career I
12th Grade: Legal Careers II