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Advanced Placement

What is Advanced Placement?

“Advanced Placement” (AP) is a program of college-level courses offered at FHS. Courses are available in many subject areas, including English, history, languages, math, and science. The focus is not on memorizing facts and figures. It's on engaging discussions, approaching and solving problems together and learning to write well. You'll get to study fascinating topics and ideas. Who knows? One (or more!) might just become the foundation of your future college major or career.

What are the benefits of taking AP courses?

AP courses can help you gain the skills and study habits you'll need to be successful in college. You'll improve your writing, problem-solving, time-management skills, and learn how to stay focused on your work and goals. Research shows that AP courses help students graduate from college in four years and qualify for scholarships.

AP courses can also help you get accepted into college. It's less about taking the easy classes and earning an "A" than it is about showing colleges that you're willing to take a challenging class, even if it lowers your grade point average. This makes you stand out in the admission process. It also shows that you are taking the initiative to prepare yourself for college-level work.

How do I earn college credit?

AP classes don't just earn you high school credit. You may also earn college credit if you take an AP exam at the end of the course AND earn a score of at least three (3) on a scale of one (1) to five (5). Colleges and universities consider a score of three (3) an indicator of your ability to do successful college work.

Which courses are offered at Florin HS?

Subject Area Course (Links to CollegeBoard AP Site) 
 Art AP Music Theory
  AP Studio Art: Drawing 
English AP English Language and Composition 
  AP English Literature and Composition
History & Social Science AP Macroeconomics
  AP United States Government and Politics
  AP United States History
  AP World History
STEM  AP Biology
  AP Calculus AB 
  AP Calculus BC 
  AP Chemistry
  AP Physics 1: Algebra Based 
  AP Physics 2: Algebra Based 
  AP Statistics 
World Languages and Cultures AP Spanish Language and Culture