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Visual & Performing Arts



Band & Music: Mr. Perry
Beginning Band
Introduction to Marching/Concert Band
Marching/Concert Band (Click here for the FHS Band Website)
AP Music Theory
Chamber Orchestra
Guitar Workshop
Music Appreciation
Choir:  Ms. Chapman
Treble Choir
Concert Choir
Vocal Ensemble
Piano Lab
Dance:  Ms. Hilliard Riley
Band Auxiliaries
Dance I, Beginning ;
Dance II, Intermediate;
Dance Composition and Performance
Theatre: Mr. Nauman
Theatre 1
Theatre 2
Theatre 3
Art: Ms. Pease & Mr. Chan
Art 1 
Art 2 
Honors Art 2
A.P. Studio Art: Drawing
Digital Art: Mr. Hoang
Digital art I
Digital Art II
Digital photography
Ceramics: Ms. Coopee-Lucas
Ceramics 1 
Ceramics 2 
Ceramics 3 
Ceramics 4 
Honors Ceramics II
A.P. Studio Art: 3-D Design
Florin High School VAPA Teachers:
Mr. Chan - Art 
Ms. Chapman - Choir
Ms. Coopee-Lucas - Ceramics
Mr. Perry - Band
Ms. Hilliard Riley - Dance
Mr. Hoang - Digital Arts
Mr. Naumann - Theatre
Ms. Pease - Art
Mr. Perry - Band