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Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Florin High School


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Our Vision
In partnership, create a positive "transformational experience" that educates and prepares each
of our students for college, career, and life opportunities

Our Mission
Educating and Inspiring our Diverse Community to Achieve Excellence

Core Values
-Florin High School Staff Values:
  • Professional behaviors and qualities we model for our students
  • Expanding and supporting collaboration while encouraging teacher innovation and creativity
-Florin High School Staff Values:
  • Actions that support high expectations for academic achievement and personal growth for each individual student
  • Meeting individual student needs and offering varied paths for student success
-Florin High School Staff Values:
  • Critical thinking and problem solving as the focus of instruction
  • The use of engaging instructional practices
  • Informed decision making
-Florin High School Staff Values:
  • Parents, community members and local businesses as partners in the education of their children
  • A safe and inviting campus
  • Every member supporting each other