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Black Panther Nominations

Black Panther Nominations
Great things happen at Florin every day. The black panther award is a way to recognize and honor those that make Florin the special place that it is. 

Click here to submit a nomination.

Q: Who can send an award?
A: Any student or staffulty can send a message to another student or staffulty member at Florin. Student to student; student to staffulty; staffulty to staffulty; staffulty to student.
Q: How many can you send?
A: As many as you want if it is a positive message that acknowledges something good.
Q: How will they receive my message?
A: ASBers will create the award and email it via synergy to the recipient. The subject will be "black panther award" with no content in the message, simply the image will be attached. The recipient can choose to print the image.
Remember, messages must be school appropriate and be an acknowledgement of something good.
   - Staffulty to Staffulty: I appreciate your assistance with me getting my Elmo working the other day.
   - Staffulty to Student: I see that you are working to improve your grade. Congrats on earning an A on the test!
   - Student to Student: I'm glad you are my friend. Thank you for listening the other day when I needed to talk.
   - Student to Student: I saw you trying to help a new student find their way to class. Thanks for being kind.
   - Student to Staffulty: Thank you for staying after to help me on our last assignment.
Gift Cards: ASB will give out ten gift cards each month. Beginning January 2022, we'll randomly choose five awardees and give a gift card to both the awardee and the person who submitted the award. Plus, you can earn 10 Panther Points each month for submitting an award.