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Hello FHS Families, 
We are Florin High School – Fearless in our Pursuit!
We believe our ultimate pursuit is to prepare students for college, career, and life opportunities by creating a positive transformational experience at Florin High School.
The foundation of our experience begins with connecting students - to programs, supportive adults, extracurricular activities, and so much more! During their freshman year, students are exposed to all that Florin High School has to offer, beginning with the Freshman Year Experience.
Students will become familiar with our programs, including:
  • Academies & Pathways
    • Aerospace Engineering Pathway
    • Agriculture Tech Academy
    • Audio & Music Productions Academy
    • Automotive Technology Pathway
    • Culinary Arts & Hospitality Academy
    • Law and the World Academy
  • AVID Program
  • English Learner Program
  • College Prep, Honors & AP Programs
In addition, our athletic department is building a championship sports program that trains and prepares our students for competition, while teaching lifelong skills. These connections create a family-like atmosphere that is the foundation for the learning that will take place.
The experience continues in the classroom, where we aim to create a caring environment, as we see each student for who they are, the positive attributes they possess and believe each of our students will be successful. Simultaneously, we have the highest expectations for our students, where we insist on academic excellence, while providing a variety of supports which allow students to meet expectations.
Speaking of our students, they’re what makes Florin High School a truly special place. With nearly 1,700 students, speaking 23 different languages and coming from countries all over the world, we come together and share each other’s strengths knowing we will be better for it. Meanwhile, our staff pledges to use these strengths as we guide and develop each of our students’ academic and social capacities to build the skills needed to be successful once they graduate.
If you are looking for a school that creates a safe and spirited culture, a school that values diverse perspectives and one that embraces family & community involvement, you have found it at FHS.
In partnership,
Brie Bajar   Principal, Florin High School