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Be a Part of Something Great!

Get Involved
We get it.
Your high school experience is about more than what happens in the classroom. Finding a "home" on campus-a place where you belong-is really important. It can help you find your footing, make Florin High your own, and establish lifelong friendships.
With nearly 40 student clubs and organizations, Florin High is a place where everyone can get involved, make a difference, and have a blast along the way! Our clubs range in focus from academics to celebrations of heritage to social justice and equity. Visit the booths on "Club Rush" days at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters to find out more about student groups, meet members, and see what different groups on campus have to offer.
Here at Florin High we are all about fostering confident leaders. If you have an interest that is not already represented, we encourage our students to create their own club or organization.
We are sure you will find that Florin High is the right place for you!